About Us


Located in Wisconsin, Unbound Glo was launched in 2023 inspired to create good smells and boost moods through the power of scent. What initially started out as an experimental outlet from everyday stress soon sparked a motivation to create a candle that could with stand around my scent sensitive family and make people smile.

I wanted to share what got me through one of the darker times of my life and with that spread positivity, smiles, and the understanding that self-care is essential and comes in all forms. 

At one point, someone said to me, "at the end of the day all you make is candles",  and I had to disagree. There is an art behind scent and with that it conveys through nostalgic moments, a form of expression, and has the power to evoke mood and raw emotions. I took what I knew about scent and dialed it up a notch by adding music to amplify the over all experience.

We formulate our candles based on moods and are designed  to fit a variety of occasions. Rather you are pouring a bubble bath after a really bad day, you are enduring the cold weather by cuddling up to a cozy fire with your wooly socks and a cup of spiced chai tea, or dancing around in your living room dressed in your silky pajamas with your hair in a messy bun and a peel-on face mask we want to be there for you cheering you on! 

We provide relatable, unapologetic candles, with our modern twist, no rules design, and mood inspired scents.  


What Makes Us, Us?

NO OUTSOURCING. We hand pour every candle one by one in small batches  right here in the beautiful Midwest. Our focus is to provide clean, sustainable, safe products for you and the environment. Your health and our planet is the forefront of our process. 

How Do We Do That? 

  • Wicks: We use natural, biodegradable, allergen free, toxic free, non-bleached or treated FSC Certified crackling wooden Wicks that are tested with each fragrance. 
  • Wax: We use a blend of 100% domestically sourced soy wax grown here in the USA and all natural organic coconut wax that creates the perfect balance and uniqueness to our candles. 
  • Fragrance: A combination of plant-based and synthetic blend of fragrance that are free of phthalate, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins.
  • Jars: All our jars are made in the USA and are recyclable. We encourage you use our recyclable program or reuse to make the perfect edition to your home decor. 
  • Packaging: Plastic has no room for our packaging and shipping. We use only biodegradable and planet friendly packaging to help reduce weight and our carbon footprint. We are always looking to learn and evolve and will continue to find eco-conscious packaging as we grow.